Information — Part1 — Is Information extensive?

  • An extensive property is a property of matter that changes as the amount of matter changes. Like other physical properties, an extensive property may be observed and measured without any chemical change (reaction) occurring.
  • m(V) proportional to N
  • m(V) = density * Volume
  • density = mass / volume
  • m(2V)=density*2Volume = 2*m(V)

Information Content in an object

Generic Property of Information — Information is non-extensive

Information Processing — Enabled by its non-extensivity

Information Processing Example

  • Object 1 — labelled as ‘cat1’
  • Object 2 — labelled as ‘cat2’
  • Processing step
  • Step type — Abstraction
  • Inputs — ‘cat1’ and ‘cat2’
  • Result — object 1 and object 2 are both referred to as ‘cat’

Master Vase — Information vs Information and its referents

  • Type — Abstraction
  • Inputs — vase1, vase2, …, vaseN
  • Result — Vase1…VaseN are instances of Vase0
  • Vase0 is the master blueprint

Information Commingling and de-coupling




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